2017 - 2021 Strategic Plan

(click here for a PDF of the full 2017 - 2021 Strategic Plan)

The 2017-2021 Strategic Plan outlines what the Office intends to accomplish from 2017 to 2021 to achieve its vision and mission. This Plan provides a foundation for the Office’s Business and Financial Plan provided to the Standing Committee on Public Accounts each year. In addition, it provides the Office with a strategic framework to assess and report on its performance in its Annual Report on Operations.


A valued and independent legislative audit office advancing excellence and inspiring confidence in public sector performance


We promote accountability and better management by providing Legislators and the public with an independent assessment of the government’s use of public resources

Strategic Goals and Priorities

The Plan includes the following four strategic goals and supporting priorities. The Office’s supporting strategic priorities reflect areas of focus or change conditions that require the Office to invest time and resources to achieve its strategic goal.

Goal #1: Demonstrate focus on the most relevant audit areas


  1. Seek input from key stakeholder groups to identify areas of focus
  2. Streamline processes to determine areas of focus
  3. Communicate multi-year work plan with key stakeholders

Goal #2: Sustain an engaged work force that contributes to the Office’s success


  1. Support leadership development
  2. Enhance strategies to recruit/retain staff
  3. Equip staff to effectively manage change

Goal #3: Improve our delivery of reliable audits at a reasonable cost


  1. Continuously improve our work
  2. Meet professional standards
  3. Deploy resources based on reasonable budgets and deadlines

Goal #4: Increase the awareness of the role of the Office


  1. Educate the legislators, public, and public sector agencies about the work we do
  2. Enhance accessibility to the work we do

Performance Targets

The Office uses performance measures and targets to measure its progress towards achieving its strategic goals and priorities. The Plan sets out targets the Office intends to achieve by 2021. Each performance target embodies the related measure. Click here for more information about the performance targets, including related rationale and decriptions.


Click here for the full 2017 - 2021 Strategic Plan, which includes key risks; value statements; rationale and descriptions for the Office's goals, priorities, performance measures, and targets; key definitions and acronyms; and external forces and trends.