2021/2024 Strategic Plan

Our Strategic Plan outlines what the Office intends to accomplish to achieve its vision and mission by expanding on who we are, what we do and how we support Saskatchewan's Legislative Assembly, government and public service.

It provides a foundation for the Office’s Business and Financial Plans provided to the Standing Committee on Public Accounts (PAC) each year, as well as a strategic framework to assess and to report on the Office’s performance.

In addition, our Strategic Plan highlights our value and presents an opportunity to outline the performance measures we strive to fulfill in advancing excellence and inspiring confidence in the public sector through our work.

Download and read our current 2021-24 Strategic Plan to learn more.


Goal 1: Focus on the most relevant audit areas
Strategic Priority #1 – Use input from key stakeholder groups to identify areas of focus
Strategic Priority #2 – Explain areas of audit focus to key stakeholders

Goal 2: Sustain an engaged workforce
Strategic Priority #1 – Foster a work environment reflective of our values
Strategic Priority #2 – Develop leaders
Strategic Priority #3 – Recruit and retain qualified employees

Goal 3: Deliver quality audits at a reasonable cost
Strategic Priority #1 – Meet evolving professional standards
Strategic Priority #2 – Continuously improve our work
Strategic Priority #3 – Manage resources based on reasonable budgets and agreed upon deadlines

Goal 4: Increase awareness of the Office
Strategic Priority #1 – Educate stakeholders about the value of our work
Strategic Priority #2 – Broaden or improve access to our work


Goal 1: Focus on the most relevant audit areas

Performance Targets:

  • The Standing Committees on Public Accounts (PAC) and Crown and Central Agencies (CCAC) collectively accept 95% of our recommendations
  • The Government acts on 93% Type 1 and 95% Type 2 recommendations
  • 80% of auditee respondents to post-audit surveys view the Office’s work as added value and are satisfied with our work

Goal 2: Sustain an engaged workforce
Performance Targets:

  • Maximum of 13% of employees voluntarily leave the Office annually
  • At least 80% of employees (survey respondents) express positive engagement in the Office
  • Minimum of 6% of employee working hours spent on training and development

Goal 3: Deliver quality audits at a reasonable cost
Performance Targets:

  • Public reports submitted to the Assembly within established timeframes (Volume 1 – first two weeks of June; Volume 2 – first two weeks of December)
  • 75% of assurance reports issued to government agencies by agreed upon dates
  • 70% of audits completed within planned costs
  • All external parties reviewing the Office report positive results

Goal 4: Increase awareness of the Office
Performance Target:

  • Positive trend over a five-year period in public familiarity with the Office

Download our Strategic Plan Infographic for easy reference: