2019 Report Volume 2

2019 Report Volume 2 December 5, 2019

Our winter 2019 Report includes results from annual integrated audits, 22 follow-up audits and six performance audits.The Annual Integrated Audits and IT Audit Work section of the Report highlights 18 different agencies with identified financial- or compliance-related areas for improvement; it includes new recommendations for 10 different agencies.

We audited just over 130 agencies with fiscal year-ends between January and June 2019 for our integrated audits. These agencies demonstrated sound financial controls, complied with financial-related laws, and prepared reliable financial statements. Appendix 1 lists these agencies.

Follow-up audits are audits of implementation statuses of past recommendations resulting from prior perfomance audits. In general, the Office is pleased with the pace of implementation. We recognize more complex changes take time to make. Our discussions with agencies find they remain committed to implementing recommendations and use  opportunities to make improvements in conjunction with other initiatives planned or underway.

Key chapters in this Report delve into topics such as treatment processes for patients at risk of suicide in northwest Saskatchewan, providing safe drinking water in provincial parks and evaluating processes used to co-ordinate the appropriate provision of timely and quality helicopter ambulance services.

Download the full Report below or you may request a printed copy (limited quantities) by contacting info@auditor.sk.ca.

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Overview by the Provincial Auditor

Judy Ferguson's Overview 2019 Report—Volume 2

Annual Integrated and Information Technology Audits

 1   Advanced Education

 2   Corrections and Policing

 3   eHealth Saskatchewan

 4   Environment

 5   Executive Council

 6   Finance

 7   Government Relations

 8   Justice and Attorney General

 9   Justice and Attorney General—Victims' Fund

10  Provincial Capital Commission

11  Public Service Commission—Centrally Managing and Securing MIDAS HR/Payroll

12  Saskatchewan Health Authority

13  Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority (SLGA) and Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority (SIGA)

14  Saskatchewan Polytechnic

15  Saskatoon School Division No. 13—Pension Plan for Non-Teaching Employees of the Saskatoon Board of Education

16  Social Services

17  Teachers’ Superannuation Commission—Teachers’ Dental Plan

18  Water Security Agency

19  Summary of Implemented Recommendations

Performance Audits

 20   Chinook School Division No. 211—Supporting Grade 2 Students in Achieving Grade Level in Math

 21   Environment—Sustainable Fish Population Management

 22   Health—Co-ordinating the Appropriate Provision of Helicopter Ambulance Services

 23   Parks, Culture and Sport—Providing Safe Drinking Water in Provincial Parks

 24   Saskatchewan Health Authority—Treating Patients at Risk of Suicide in Northwest Saskatchewan

 25   St. Paul’s Roman Catholic Separate School Division No. 20—Adapting Technology for Learning in Elementary     Schools

Follow-Up Audits

26  Advanced Education—Managing Risks Related to its Critical IT System

27  Agriculture—Mitigating Risk of Livestock Diseases

28  Agriculture—Regulating Livestock Waste

29  Central Services—Planning Accommodations

30  Education—Enforcing P3 Joint-Use School Project Agreements

31  Education—Monitoring Kindergarten Students’ Readiness to Learn in the Primary Grades

32  Environment—Detecting Wildfires

33  Executive Council—Communicating Information about Government Programs and Services in a Non-Partisan Way

34  Finance—Implementing the Revenue Administration Modernization Project

35  Government Relations—Proposing Education Property Tax Mill Rates

36  Health—Meat Safety

37  Justice and Attorney General—Enforcing Maintenance Payments

38  Saskatchewan Gaming Corporation—Minimizing Employee Absenteeism

39  Saskatchewan Health Authority—Delivering Accessible and Responsive Ground Ambulance Services in Southwest Saskatchewan

40  Saskatchewan Health Authority—Delivering Provincially Funded Childhood Immunizations in La Ronge and Surrounding Area

41  Saskatchewan Health Authority—Safe and Timely Discharge of Patients from Regina Hospitals

42  Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority—Assurance on Safety of Liquor Products

43  Saskatchewan Workers’ Compensation Board—Co-ordinating Injured Workers’ Return to Work

44  SaskBuilds Corporation—Learning form Use of P3s

45  SaskPower—Managing the Risk of Cyber Incidents

46  Social Services—Supervising Community-Based Organizations Delivering Programs to Intellectually Disabled People

47  University of Regina—Procuring Goods and Services

Standing Committees

48   Standing Committee on Crown and Central Agencies

49   Standing Committee on Public Accounts


1–Agencies Subject to Examination Under The Provincial Auditor Act and Status of Audits

2–Report on the Financial Statements of Agencies Audited by Appointed Auditors

3–Samples of Opinions We Form on Ministries, Crown Agencies, and Crown-Controlled Corporations

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