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The Office of the Provincial Auditor of Saskatchewan

The Provincial Auditor is an independent Officer of the Legislative Assembly in the province of Saskatchewan. The Office audits the provincial government's management of public money in order to foster accountability and transparency with respect to its performance, systems, and practices.

Our auditees span a wide range of industries including crown corporations, regional health authority, universities, school boards, government ministries, boards, agencies, and commissions. It can take anywhere from 40 to 50 hours to more than 2000 hours to audit an entity, depending on the nature and complexity of both the organization and the audit itself.


Latest Report

June 6, 2019
Our spring 2019 Report includes results from annual integrated audits, 32 follow-up audits and nine performance audits. Overall, the 50 agencies that we audited for our... read more

Recent Reports

December 11, 2018
This report covers subjects such as analyzing surgical biopsies in labs efficiently, preventing and controlling hospital-acquired infections, triaging emergency department... read more
June 7, 2018
This report covers subjects such as delivering mental health and addictions services, delivering medical care to adult inmates in correctional centres, supporting students with... read more