2024/29 Strategic Plan

Building on a proud history, our Strategic Plan 2024–29 outlines an inspiring vision for the Office of the Provincial Auditor of Saskatchewan’s future as we strive to make a difference for a sustainable Saskatchewan and its people. We remain focused on meeting the highest standards while contributing to a well-managed and accountable government and planning to aim our audit work at the social, economic, and environmental issues impacting present and future generations.

Our mission—to advance government’s accountability, transparency, and management of public resources through independent assessment and reporting—expands on who we are, what we do and how we support the Legislative Assembly, government, and public service. We contribute to informed decision-making in government and promote government programs that are effective, open, and accountable to the public.

Our shared values will help to align our vision and purpose with practical strategies and actions, build a collaborative and respectful culture that drives successful execution of the Plan, and enhance the confidence of the public and government in the Office’s integrity.

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Download our Strategic Plan Infographic for easy reference.