Who Do We Audit?

Our Office is responsible for auditing all public money managed by the Government of Saskatchewan. We objectively assess financial statements and operating information and processes of all public resources managed by the Government. As such, we have an expansive variety of more than 250 auditees ranging from those with micro-based accounting systems to organizations using large, complex computerized accounting systems.

Auditees include government ministries (e.g., Social Services, Justice and Attorney General), universities, Crown corporations (e.g., SaskPower), and other government agencies (e.g., Saskatchewan Health Authority, school divisions, Trade and Export Development). These entities are involved in numerous activities that cover a variety of industries including pensions, insurance, gaming, infrastructure, agriculture, healthcare, education, and finance.

Our work and Reports directly affect public confidence in the Government. Following our independent examinations, we provide assurance and advice to the Legislative Assembly and the Government on:

  • The reliability of the Government’s public performance reports
  • The Government’s compliance with legislative authorities
  • The adequacy of the Government’s management of public resources

Not all of our audits are located in Regina as we are responsible for auditees located across the entire province. We conduct our work both on site and digitally.