Who Do We Audit?

Our Office has a wide variety of auditees ranging from those with micro-based accounting systems to organizations using large, complex computerized accounting systems. Our auditees vary in size from those taking only 40–50 hours to audit, to others that require up to 2,000 hours.

Our Office is responsible for auditing all public money managed by the Government of Saskatchewan. This includes the Crown Investment Corporation of Saskatchewan as well as Crown corporations, health boards, universities, government departments, boards, agencies, and commissions. These entities are involved in numerous activities that cover a wide variety of industries including pensions, insurance, gaming, healthcare, education, and finance.

For our parliamentary system of government to work properly, the system must enjoy public confidence. To merit this confidence, the Government must be open and accountable to the public. Our work and reports directly affect public confidence in the Government. Following our independent examinations, our Office provides assurance and advice to the Legislative Assembly and the Government on:

  • The reliability of the Government’s public performance reports
  • The Government’s compliance with legislative authorities
  • The adequacy of the Government’s management of public resources

Not all of our audits are located in Regina. Therefore, travel outside of Regina may be necessary at certain times of the year. However, most of this travel is to cities or towns within Saskatchewan. Employees can expect to travel outside of Regina an average of 4–6 weeks spread out over a one-year span. Also, employees usually return home for weekends.