Additional Documents, Publications and Guidance

Additional Documents

Report of the Task Force on Roles, Responsibilities and Duties of Auditors

Guide to CCAF’s Principles of Performance Reporting

The INTOSAI WGEA document Cooperation Between Supreme Audit Institutions: Tips and Examples for Cooperative Audits, 2007

Auditor General of Canada:

Reports to Parliament: 

Guidance on integrating environmental and sustainable development considerations in direct engagement work: The Environment and Sustainable Development Guide

Collaborative climate summary report tabled in Parliament in March 2018 called Perspectives on Climate Change Action in Canada: A Collaborative Report from Auditors General

Follow up report on the Collaborative Climate Change Audit Project: Process Chronicle and Lessons Learned

Other Publications

A Survey of Board Governance in Saskatchewan Regional Health Authorities - Practices, Issues and Opportunities - June 2013 (PDF)

A Survey of Board Governance in School Divisions - Practices, Issues, and Opportunities - November 2013 (PDF)

Internal Audit in the Public Sector - Guidance and Good Practices for Saskatchewan - November 2013 (PDF)

Payee List Disclosure Guidance

Crown and Central Agencies Report

Crown and Central Agencies Report

Public Accounts Committee Report

Ministry of Finance: Financial Administration Manual