About Us

Our Mission

Preserving independence, we promote accountability and better management of public resources.

How we conduct our mission

To fulfill our mission, we provide independent assurance (audit reports) and advice on the Government’s management of and accountability practices for the public resources entrusted to it. We:

  • Inform the Legislative Assembly about:
    • The reliability of the Government’s financial and operational information
    • The Government’s compliance with legislative authorities
    • The adequacy of the Government’s management of public resources
  • Encourage discussion and debate about public sector management and accountability issues
  • Help the Standing Committees on Public Accounts and Crown and Central Agencies
  • Develop professionals for public service
  • Support and adhere to the accounting and assurance standards recommended by The Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants

Our Vision

A valued legislative audit office, advancing excellence and inspiring confidence in the public sector.

Our Values


We maintain objectivity

Trust and Integrity

We are professional, honest, courteous, and fair


We take responsibility for ourwork and performance


We lead by example, motivate others to act, and promote teamwork


We support a flexible and healthy work environment


We promote on-going development and improvement

Diversity of Thought

We respect strength gained from our varied experiences, knowledge, and backgrounds