Working for the Provincial Auditor

The Office of the Provincial Auditor of Saskatchewan blends challenging and rewarding work with the flexibility and work-life balance that you’re seeking. Whether you have an accounting or other professional background, our dynamic organization offers the ideal blend of training, advancement, specialization, and mentorship. Our Office will equip you with the foundational knowledge and experience required to travel along a number of exciting career paths.

Why Choose Us?

Working for a leading-edge organization has its benefits! We proudly offer meaningful benefits and support to our staff. Permanent employee benefits include:

  • Competetive salaries and ample advancement opportunities
  • Vacation leave: Three weeks (15 paid days) to start, then increases based on years of experience
  • Flex time and flexible work arrangements
  • Designated sick time, family/personal leave and/or pressing necessity paid time offered
  • Employee and family assistance program: Counselling and well-being support, including virtual options and online resources, for employees and their families
  • Parental/Adoption support: Receive 95% of regular salary from the Office for the Employment Insurance one week waiting period AND receive a top up of Employment Insurance benefits for the remainder of the program period; (max 16 weeks)
  • Robust benefit and financial savings plans, including:

Pension Plan: The Office contributes at 8.6% of salary; The employee contributes at 5% of salary

Group Life Insurance (premiums partially paid by Office): Comprehensive life insurance coverage for employees

Disability Benefits (no cost to employee): Includes financial support in the event of short and long-term disability

Enhanced Dental Plan (no cost to employee): Routine and preventative dental health coverage for employees and their families, including some restorative and orthodontic costs

Flexible Benefit Account: Includes support for physical/mental health wellness activities

Extended Healthcare (no cost to employee): Additional health service coverage, such as vision care, naturopathy, massage therapy, hospital accommodations, and prescription drugs

As a member of our team, you will also have access to:

  • Regular training courses and seminars
  • Highly trained mentors
  • Opportunities for advancement and specialization
  • Independent and team work
  • A friendly and professional work environment

Pursuing a career as a professional accountant? 

With our team and the guidance of our CPA mentors, you will gain practical work experience approved by CPA Saskatchewan to supplement achievement of your CPA designation and launch your professional career!

In addition, the Office of the Provincial Auditor of Saskatchewan:

  • Pay once for all CPA professional education program tuition fees for each of the six modules. In addition, the Office pays the fee once for the Common Final Examination (CFE). Currently, these fees total approximately $9,700.
  • Provide 24 paid education leave days (4 per module). These days can be used throughout each module to work on assignments, attend the workshop sessions, and/or prepare for the module examination.
  • Provide 10 paid study leave days granted to prepare for and write the CFE.
  • Pay your Student Dues for the CPA Program each year (approx. $1,000) in addition to the initial registration fee of $450 and transcript assessment of $100.
  • Offer per diems and travel mileage for workshop sessions.

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We offer a professional, challenging, friendly, and flexible work environment that supports the integral balance between work, personal life, and community involvement while promoting continuous learning and career development.