The Provincial Auditor Act

The Provincial Auditor Act  creates an independent officer of the Legislative Assembly called the Provincial Auditor. The Act gives the Provincial Auditor the responsibility to audit all government agencies and report her findings to the Legislative Assembly.

The Legislative Assembly is the governing body. The Executive Government receives its powers and resources from the Legislative Assembly. Therefore, the Executive Government is accountable to the Assembly for the Government’s use of its powers and the resources entrusted to it. The Executive Government carries out this responsibility through a complex structure. This structure consists of more than 250 organizations including ministries, Boards, commissions, Crown agencies, and Crown-controlled corporations.

The Office of the Provincial Auditor helps the Legislative Assembly hold the Government accountable for how it manages public resources. Our Office examines the Government’s management of public resources and reports our findings to the Legislative Assembly. Our examinations focus on the Government as a whole, on sectors or programs of government, and on individual government organizations.

We examine these organizations directly, or work with other auditors appointed by the Government. We report our findings directly to the Legislative Assembly through our annual and special reports. Special reports may be requested by the Standing Committee on Public Accounts (PAC), the Legislative Assembly, Cabinet, or Crown and Central Agencies. Read our reports at Publications on our website.

In addition, our Office assists the all-party Standing Committee on Public Accounts and Crown and Central Agencies to review our reports, the public accounts, and other reports. We also encourage discussion and debate on public sector management and accountability issues.

All our reports are always public documents.