2014 Report - Volume 2: Backgrounder for News Release December 3, 2014

Prince Albert Parkland Regional Health Authority – Home-Care Services (Chapter 36)

Home-care services include health care and support provided to individuals in their own homes or a community setting. These services are an integral part of the healthcare system as they help reduce the pressures on other parts of the system such as acute and long-term care. Acting Provincial Auditor Judy Ferguson reports that Prince Albert Parkland Regional Health Authority had effective processes for providing timely and appropriate home-care services, except in four areas. PA Parkland needs to do a better job of formally assessing and planning home-care needs, and ensuring that clients receive the services they require. “Conducting needs assessments, and reviewing and approving home-care plans improves the delivery of care,” says Ferguson. PA Parkland should also ensure that staff are appropriately trained, assigned, and monitored. Finally, it should have policies and processes for identifying and monitoring needs and trends, and track and analyze information about the delivery of home-care services in the region.


Saskatchewan Rivers School Division – Maintaining Facilities (Chapter 37)

Saskatchewan Rivers School Division operates 31 schools that educate about 9,000 students located in Prince Albert and surrounding rural areas. Acting Provincial Auditor Judy Ferguson reports that the processes that Saskatchewan Rivers uses to maintain its facilities are effective other than in two areas. First, Saskatchewan Rivers needs written processes for gathering and recording information about its facilities, determining its maintenance priorities and plan, and monitoring timely completion of maintenance. Second, Saskatchewan Rivers needs to use performance measures and targets to regularly measure, monitor, and report on the effectiveness of its maintenance processes. “Regular and directed maintenance is necessary for facilities to be safe and available for use,” states Ferguson. “Having current and reliable information about facilities and their condition is essential to decide what maintenance to do and when.”


Conseil scolaire fransaskois – Financial Management and Governance Practices (Chapter 31)

In June 2014, the Government of Saskatchewan asked the Provincial Auditor’s Office to examine the financial management and governance practices of the Conseil scolaire fransaskois (CSF). CSF is Saskatchewan’s first-language French school system. It operates 15 schools with approximately 1,900 students located in nine areas geographically dispersed throughout Saskatchewan. In her Report, Acting Provincial Auditor Judy Ferguson notes that CSF did not have effective financial management and governance practices. CSF needs processes for developing required Board competencies such as development plans that address any gaps in competencies, and systematic, regular performance reviews for senior management. Also, CSF needs governance and financial policies and procedures to better manage its financial operations. Policies and procedures should address areas such as budgeting, financial reporting, and purchasing. As well, CSF needs to document a strategy to manage its growing net debt. Ferguson notes, “In the latter part of our audit, CSF began making positive changes to its financial management and governance practices. These changes will help CSF use its resources effectively and deliver quality Francophone educational programming.”


Water Security Agency – Flood Mitigation (Chapter 40)

In Saskatchewan, flooding often occurs in the spring as a result of snow melt and rain. In recent years, flooding due to large rainfall events has become more common. Acting Provincial Auditor Judy Ferguson reports that overall, the Water Security Agency had effective processes for coordinating flood mitigation in the province other than the following: Ferguson recommends that the Agency work with others, such as municipalities and the Ministry of Government Relations, to determine and document municipalities with ongoing flood risks, and evaluate gaps in flood mitigation initiatives. “Documenting and evaluating what has been done and what still needs to be done will allow the Water Security Agency to effectively plan and prioritize future flood mitigation initiatives,” Ferguson states. 


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