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2019 Report Volume 1: Provincial Auditor Finds Ineffective Processes to Maintain Saskatoon-Area Health Care Facilities June 6, 2019

Health care facilities in the City of Saskatoon and surrounding area need a comprehensive risk-based maintenance plan

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    Saskatchewan Health Authority (2017–18):

  • Over 40,000 employees
  • ~$4 billion annual expenses
  • > 270 facilities province-wide averaging 40 years of age
  • ~$130 million spent on infrastructure additions and improvements
  • ~$60 million annual spending on repair and maintenance
  • $3.3 billion estimated deferred maintenance for all health care facilities in Saskatchewan

Over 50 Saskatoon and surrounding area health care facilities serve more than 360,000 residents in more than 100 communities

REGINA, SK., June 6, 2019: In her 2019 Report – Volume 1, Chapter 12, Provincial Auditor of Saskatchewan, Judy Ferguson, reports on maintenance of facilities used in providing health care services. The Office focused on more than 50 health care facilities in the City of Saskatoon and surrounding area.

The Saskatchewan Health Authority identifies aging infrastructure increasing operating costs as one of its primary challenges.

Ferguson found the Authority uses ineffective processes to maintain these health care facilities over their lifespan.

Audit work found incomplete maintenance records, limited tracking of asset condition, inconsistent preventative maintenance decisions on similar assets, as well as maintenance requirements not always aligning with applicable codes, maintenance often completed later than planned, and a lack of guidance on prioritizing maintenance within scheduled and reasonable timeframes.

“Effective asset maintenance takes a risk- and evidence-based approach to managing assets from their purchase to disposal,” said Ferguson, “this ensures facilities perform at optimum levels over their lifespan, and not only reduce service disruptions, but also keep facilities safe.”

In addition, the audit found the Authority had not determined what condition level it expects to maintain its facilities. The Saskatoon and surrounding area facilities rank at an average condition rating of poor, and contribute to almost one-half of the Authority’s total estimated deferred maintenance of $3.3 billion.

Effective risk-informed maintenance planning helps justify planned asset expenditures, as well as allows the Authority to assess whether maintenance is occurring as expected and whether funding is sufficient and proficiently used.

The full Provincial Auditor’s 2019 Report – Volume 1 is available online.

The Provincial Auditor is an independent officer of the Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan. The Office promotes accountability and better management by providing Legislators and the public with an independent assessment of the government’s use of public resources.



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