2012 Report Volume 1

May 24, 2012

This report covers issues related to provincial highschool graduation rates, liquor pricing, and pipeline cleanup.

Materials from the release of the Report:

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Chapter Highlights


1. School Divisions
2. Grade 12 Graduation Rates
3. Teachers’ Superannuation Commission
4. Child Care Facilities Follow Up

Energy and Resources

5. Regulating Pipelines


6. Special Purpose Funds
7. MIDAS Financials-Security
8. Public Employees Benefits Agency Security Audit Follow Up

Highways and Infrastructure

9. Highway Maintenance Follow Up

Justice and Attorney General

10. Maintenance Enforcement

Municipal Affairs

11. Northern Municipal Trust Account
12. Provision of Safe Drinking Water to Saskatchewan’s Northern Settlements

Public Service Commission

13. MIDAS HR/Payroll

Saskatchewan Gaming Corporation

14. Saskatchewan Gaming Corporation
15. Project Management Processes Follow Up

Saskatchewan Government Insurance

16. Wireless Network Security Audit Follow Up

Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority

17. Liquor Procurement Processes

Saskatchewan Opportunities Corporation

18. Maintaining Facilities in a Sustainable Way

Saskatchewan Power Corporation

19. Saskatchewan Power Corporation

Saskatchewan Telecommunications Holding Corporation

20. Saskatchewan Telecommunications Holding Corporation

Saskatchewan Water Corporation

21. Saskatchewan Water Corporation

Social Services

22. Supervision of CBO’s Providing Services to Intellectually Disabled People
23. Saskatchewan Housing Corporation
24. Saskatchewan Housing Corporation—Housing Maintenance
25. Saskatchewan Housing Corporation—Long-Term Capital Plan

Standing Committee on Crown and Central Agencies

26. Standing Commitee on Crown and Central Agencies


Appendix 1 – The Provincial Auditor Act

Appendix 2 – List and status of agencies subject to examination under The Provincial Auditor Act

Appendix 3 – Samples of opinions we form on ministries, Crown agencies, and Crown-controlled corporations

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