2023 Report V2 Coming December 6

2017 Report Volume 1

June 6, 2017

This report covers subjects such as detecting inappropriate physician payments, regulating oil and gas pipelines, enforcing vehicle weight and dimension requirements, regulating commercial permittees’ on-table sale of liquor, using MRI efficiently, delivering childhood immunizations, overseeing contracted special-care homes, engaging Grades 7 to 12 students, and mitigating the effects of climate change.

Materials from the Release of the Report

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Overview by the Provincial Auditor

Annual Integrated and Information Technology Audits

 1     Public Service Commission—Administering the Government’s Key Human Resources/Payroll IT System

 2     School Divisions

Performance Audits

 3     Economy—Working Towards Establishing Outcomes-Based Contracts 

 4     Environment—Climate Change 

 5     Finance—Implementing the Revenue Administration Modernization Project

 6     Health—Detecting Inappropriate Physician Payments

 7     Highways and Infrastructure—Enforcing Vehicle Weight and Dimension Requirements 

 8      Living Sky School Division No. 202—Engaging Grades 7 to 12 Students

 9      Mamawetan Churchill River Regional Health Authority—Delivering Provincially Funded Childhood Immunizations 

10     Regina Qu’Appelle Regional Health Authority—Efficient Use of MRI

11     Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority—Regulating Commercial Permittees’ On-table Sale of Liquor

12     Saskatoon Regional Health Authority—Overseeing Contracted Special-Care Homes

13     SaskTel—Purchasing Fibre Optic Network Upgrade and Other Network Hardware

14     Technical Safety Authority of Saskatchewan—Inspecting Elevating Devices

Audit Follow Ups

15     Central Services—Planning Accommodations

16     Economy—Co-ordinating English-Language Programs

17     Economy—Monitoring IT Service Providers

18     Economy—Regulating Pipelines

19     Education—Capital Asset Planning for Schools

20     Education—Increasing Grade 12 Graduation Rates

21     Education—Putting into Operation the Education Sector-Wide Strategic Plan

22     Environment—Regulating Reforestation

23     Environment and Finance—Regulating Contaminated Sites

24     Regina Qu’Appelle Regional Health Authority—Safe and Timely Discharge of Hospital Patients

25     Regina Qu’Appelle Regional Health Authority—Use of Surgical Facilities

26     Saskatchewan Government Insurance—Monitoring Certified Vehicle Inspection Stations

27     Saskatchewan Opportunities Corporation—Maintaining Facilities

28     Saskatchewan Water Corporation—Maintaining Infrastructure

29     Saskatoon Regional Health Authority—Protecting IT Infrastructure

30     SaskPower—Buying Goods and Services Valued Under $100,000

31     SaskPower—Gas and Electrical Installation Inspections

32     Social Services—Placing Minister’s Wards in Permanent Homes 

33     Social Services—Supervision of Community-Based Organization

34     University of Regina—Protecting Interests in Research


1–Agencies Subject to Examination Under The Provincial Auditor Act and Status of Audits

2–Report on the Financial Statements of Agencies Audited by Appointed Auditors

3–Samples of Opinions We Form on Ministries, Crown Agencies, and Crown-Controlled Corporations

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