2017 Report Volume 2

December 12, 2017

This report covers subjects such as minimizing employee absenteeism, mitigating the risk of livestock disease, detecting wildfires, regulating meat safety, rehabilitating adult offenders, and supporting the management of court workloads.

Materials from the Release of the Report

Full Report


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Overview by the Provincial Auditor

Annual Integrated Audits

 1 Advanced Education

 2 eHealth Saskatchewan

 3 Finance

 4 Government Relations

 5 Government Relations—Northern Municipal Trust Account

 6 Health

 7 Highways and Infrastructure

 8 Justice

 9 Parks, Culture and Sport

10 Public Service Commission

11 Regional Health Authorities (Saskatchewan Health Authority)

12 Saskatchewan Arts Board

13 Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority Inc.

14 Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority

15 Saskatchewan Water Corporation

16 Social Services

17 Teachers’ Superannuation Commission—Teachers’ Dental Plan

18 Water Security Agency

19 Summary of Implemented Recommendations

Performance Audits

20 Agriculture—Mitigating Risk of Livestock Diseases

21 Education—Managing the Construction of P3 Joint-use Schools

22 Education—Monitoring Kindergarten Students’ Readiness to Learn in the Primary Grades

23 Environment—Detecting Wildfires

24 Government Relations—Proposing Education Property Tax Mill Rates

25 Heartland Regional Health Authority—Minimizing Employee Absenteeism

26 Saskatchewan Gaming Corporation—Minimizing Employee Absenteeism

27 Saskatchewan Housing Corporation—Providing Social Housing to Eligible Clients

Audit Follow Ups

28 Advanced Education—Managing Risks Related to its One Client Service Model System

29 Agriculture—Regulating Livestock Waste

30 eHealth Saskatchewan—Protecting Patient Information in the Saskatchewan Lab Results Repository

31 Environment—Regulating Industrial Wastewater

32 Five Hills Regional Health Authority—Provision of Nourishing and Safe Food Services in Long-Term Care Facilities

33 Health—Preventing Diabetes-Related Health Complications

34 Health—Regulating Personal Care Homes

35 Health and Agriculture—Regulating Meat Safety

36 Health Shared Services Saskatchewan—Procuring Goods and Services for Member Agencies

37 Heartland Regional Health Authority—Medication Management in Long-Term Care

38 Justice—Community Rehabilitation of Adult Offenders

39 Justice—Maintaining the Integrity of Offender Data

40 Justice—Supporting Provincial Court of Saskatchewan to Manage Court Workloads

41 Parks, Culture and Sport—Provincial Parks Capital Asset Planning

42 Regina Public and Regina Catholic School Divisions—Physical Safety of Students

43 Saskatchewan Housing Corporation—Maintaining Housing Units

44 Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority—Liquor Procurement

45 Saskatchewan Polytechnic—Procuring Goods and Services

46 SaskBuilds—Evaluating Potential P3s

47 SaskEnergy—SCADA System Security

48 SaskPower—Managing the Risk of Cyber Incidents

49 University of Regina—Procuring Goods and Services

Standing Committees

50 Standing Committee on Crown and Central Agencies

51 Standing Committee on Public Accounts


 1 Agencies Subject to Examination under The Provincial Auditor Act and Status of Audits

 2 Report on the Financial Statements of Agencies Audited by Appointed Auditors

 3 Samples of Opinions Formed on Ministries, Crown Agencies, and Crown-Controlled Corporations

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