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2019 Report Volume 1

June 6, 2019

Our spring 2019 Report includes results from annual integrated audits, 32 follow-up audits and nine performance audits.

Overall, the 50 agencies that we audited for our integrated audits demonstrate sound financial controls, comply with financial-related laws, and prepare reliable financial statements. Appendix 1 lists these agencies.

Follow-up audits are audits of implementation status of past recommendations resulting from prior perfomance audits. On an overall basis, agencies fully implemented about one-half of the recommendations, and partially implemented one-third of the remaining. While these implementation rates are decent, we noticed implentation rates have slowed. Agencies indicate to us that they remain committed to implementing recommendations, but cite fiscal pressures and other priorities as reasons for slowing the pace of making improvements.

Finally, the bulk of our Report focuses on health, education, and social services as these areas take the largest proportion of Government spending. Key Chapters in this Report delve into topics such as procurement processes good practice, health care facilities maintenance, mitigating vendor influence and conflicts of interest and opioid prescribing and dispensing practices.

Download the full Report below or you may request a printed copy (limited quantities) by contacting info@auditor.sk.ca.

2019 Report—Volume 1 Media:





2019 Report—Volume 1

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Overview by the Provincial Auditor

Judy Ferguson's Overview

Annual Integrated and Information Technology Audits

 1   School Divisions

 2   Summary of Implemented Recommendations

Performance Audits

 3   eHealth Saskatchewan—Mitigating Vendor Influence and Related Conflicts of Interest

 4   Energy and Resources—Auditing Producer Returns for Non-Renewable Resources

 5   Finance—Public Employees Benefits Agency: Effective Processes to Inform Certain Pension Plan Members

 6   Government Relations—Alerting the Public About Imminently Dangerous Events

 7   Health—Monitoring Opioid Prescribing and Dispensing Practices

 8   Northern Lights School Division No. 113—Purchasing Goods and Services

 9   Northlands College—Purchasing Goods and Services

10  Saskatchewan Crop Insurance Corporation—Managing Succession of Human Resources

11  SGI—Monitoring Fines from the Automated Speed Enforcement Program

12  Saskatchewan Health Authority—Maintaining Saskatoon and Surrounding Area Health Care Facilities

13  Communicating Information about Government Programs and Services in a Non-Partisan Way

Follow-Up Audits

14  Central Services—Securing the Data Centre

15  Central Services_Using Consultants

16  Corrections and Policing/Justice and Attorney General—Leading the Community Safety and Well-Being Initiative

17  Education—Capital Asset Planning for Schools

18  Education—Increasing Grade 12 Graduation Rates

19  Education—Monitoring School Instruction Time

20  Education—Putting into Operation the Education Sector-Wide Strategic Plan

21  eHealth Saskatchewan—Sharing Patient Data

22  Energy and Resources—Regulating Pipelines     

23  Environment and Finance—Regulating Contaminated Sites

24  Finance—Monitoring the Fuel Tax Exemption Program

25  Government Relations—Safe Drinking Water in Northern Settlements

26  Health—Co-ordinating the Use of Lean

27  Health—Providing Special Needs Equipment for Persons with Disabilities

28  Highways and Infrastructure—Enforcing Vehicle Weight and Dimension Requirements

29  Immigration and Career Training—Co-ordinating English-Language Programs

30  Immigration and Career Training—Nominating Qualified Immigrant Applications

31  Immigration and Career Training—Working Toward Establishing Outcomes-Based Contracts

32  Living Sky School Division No. 202—Engaging Grades 7 to 12 Students

33  Prairie Spirit School Division No. 206—Maintaining Facilities

34  Saskatchewan Apprenticeship and Trade Certification Commission—Enabling Apprentices to Achieve Certification

35  Saskatchewan Health Authority—Providing Timely and Appropriate Home-Care Services in the City of Prince Albert and Surrounding Area

36  Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority—Regulating Commercial Permittees’ On-Table Sale of Liquor

37  SaskPower—Inspecting Gas and Electrical Installations

38  SaskTel—Purchasing Fibre Optic Network Upgrade and Other Network Hardware

39  Social Services—Placing Minister’s Wards in Permanent Homes

40  St. Paul’s Roman Catholic Separate School Division No. 20—Promoting Good Student Health and Physical Fitness

41  Technical Safety Authority of Saskatchewan—Inspecting Elevating Devices

42  University of Regina—Protecting Interests in Research

43  Water Security Agency—Co-ordinating Flood Mitigation

44  Water Security Agency—Ensuring Dam Safety

45  Modernizing Government Budgeting and Reporting


1–Agencies Subject to Examination Under The Provincial Auditor Act and Status of Audits

2–Report on the Financial Statements of Agencies Audited by Appointed Auditors

3–Samples of Opinions We Form on Ministries, Crown Agencies, and Crown-Controlled Corporations

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