2014 Report Volume 1

June 4, 2014

This report touches on a variety of subject areas including sharing patient data in the province’s electronic health record, controlling infections in long-term care facilities, regulating wastewater treatment to prevent negative impacts on environmental and human health, inspecting boiler and pressure vessels to minimize risks to public and environmental safety, training apprentices to obtain “Red Seal” certifications, promoting positive student behaviour in schools, improving Grade 12 graduation rates (follow-up), improving security to protect information technology systems and data, and managing the risks of public-private partnerships.

Materials from the Release of the Report

Full Report

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Overview by the Acting Provincial Auditor

Annual Integrated Audits

1       Municipal Employees' Pension Plan

2       Saskatchewan Housing Corporation

3       Saskatchewan Telecommunications Holding Corporation

4       Saskatchewan Water Corporation

5       School Divisions

6       Summary of Implemented Recommendations

Annual Information Technology Audits

7       Central Services—Information Technology Division—Data Centre

8       Public Service Commission—MIDAS HR/Payroll

Performance Audits

9       eHealth Saskatchewan—Provincial Electronic Health Records

10     Justice—Management of Provincial Court Workloads

11     Saskatchewan Apprenticeship and Trade Certification Commission—Enabling  Apprentices to Achieve Certification

12     Saskatchewan Immigrant Investor Fund Inc.—Meeting “Head Start on a Home” Program Objectives

13     Sunrise Regional Health Authority—Infection Prevention and Control in Long-Term Care Facilities

14     Technical Safety Authority of Saskatchewan—Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspection Processes

15     Water Security Agency—Regulating Wastewater Systems

Follow Ups

16    Agriculture— Irrigation Infrastructure Maintenance

17    Central Services—Building Maintenance

18    Central Services—Planning Accommodation

19    Education—Grade 12 Graduation Rates

20    Education—Instruction Time

21    Environment—Regulating Reforestation

22    Highways and Infrastructure—Bridge Maintenance

23     Justice—Maintenance Enforcement

24    Labour Relations and Workplace Safety—Addressing Workplace  Non-Compliance

25    Public Employees Benefits Agency—Information Technology Security

26    Saskatchewan Housing Corporation—Housing Maintenance

27    Saskatchewan Water Corporation—Maintaining Infrastructure

28    Sask Power—Gas and Electrical Installation Inspection

29    Sask Power—Procurement

30    Water Security Agency—Dam Safety


31    Managing Risks of Public-Private Partnerships

Standing Committee on Crown and Central Agencies

32    Standing Committee on Crown and Central Agencies


1–List and Status of Agencies Subject to Examination Under The Provincial Auditor Act

2–Samples of Opinions We Form on Ministries, Crown Agencies, and Crown-Controlled Corporations


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