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2013 Report Volume 2

December 4, 2013
This report touches on a variety of subject areas including triaging (prioritizing) emergency patients in hospitals, managing medication in hospitals, regulating landfills and livestock waste to prevent contamination of water resources, accounting issues with the General Revenue Fund, and acquisition and disposal of goods and services at the University of Regina. It also provides an overview of the results of our Boards of Education School Board Governance Survey.

Materials from the Release of the Report

Full Report

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Overview by the Acting Provincial Auditor

Public Accounts—General Revenue Fund

1     Public Accounts—General Revenue Fund

Annual Integrated Audits

2     Advanced Education

3     Agriculture

4     Central Services

5     Economy

6     Education

7     Environment

8     Executive Council

9     Finance

10     Government Relations

11     Health

12     Health Shared Services Saskatchewan (3sHealth)

13     Highways and Infrastructure

14    Justice

15     Labour Relations and Workplace Safety

16     North Sask. Laundry and Support Services

17     Parks, Culture and Sport

18     Regina Qu'Appelle Regional Health Authority

19     Regional Health Authorities

20     Saskatchewan Crop Insurance Corporation

21     Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority Inc. 

22     Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority

23     Saskatoon Regional Health Authority

24     Social Services

25     Teachers' Dental Plan

26     Water Security Agency

27     Summary of Implemented Recommendations


Performance Audits

28     Agriculture—Regulating Livestock Waste to Protect Water Resources

29     Environment—Regulating Landfills

30     Saskatoon Regional Health Authority—Triaging Emergency Department Patients

31     Sun Country Regional Health Authority—Managing Medication

32     University of Regina—Procurement and Disposal Audits

Audit Followups

33     Advanced Education—Risk Management Processes

34     Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology—Human Resources Capacity

35     Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology—Risk Management

Central Services

36     Central Services—Fleet Maintenance

37     Justice and Information Technology—Protecting Saskatchewan Data

38     Information Technology Office—Measuring Benefits of IT Consolidation

Crown Investments Corporation of Saskatchewan

39     Reliable Performance Information


40     Project Management Processes


41     Child Care Facilities


42     Prairie North Regional Health Authority—Hospital-Acquired Infections

43     Saskatoon Regional Health Authority—Maintaining Medical Equipment


44     Financial and Consumer Affairs Authority of Saskatchewan—Regulating Saskatchewan Credit Unions

45     Justice—Monitoring Municipal Policing

Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority

46     Encouraging Responsible Use of Beverage Alcohol

47     Liquor Procurement Process

Saskatchewan Telecommunications Holding Corporation

48     Wireless Network Security Controls

Water Security Agency

49     Identifying Risks to the Water Supply


50     Boards of Education—School Board Governance

51     Summary Financial Statements—Interprovincial Comparisons

Standing Committee on Public Accounts

52     Standing Committee On Public Accounts


1-List and Status of Agencies Subject to Examination under The Provincial Auditor Act

2-Samples of Opinions We Form on Ministries, Crown Agencies, and Crown-Controlled Coporations

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